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Shields Tamper Activated Technology (STAT)

Shields Tamper Activated Technology (STAT) is the single solution to tamper evidence! Every STAT closure uses the same distinct warning indicator against multiple types of intrusion. No confusion about what color or level of security to buy, and no confusion throughout the chain of custody as to whether tampering may be indicated. STAT technology may be complex but knowing your contents are protected is simple.

Shields Bag and Printing has been advancing the design of tamper evident security bags since their inception. While over the years these products have changed through continuous improvement, the use of new technologies and even shifting legal landscapes; our commitment to security and environmental responsibility has not wavered and it has culminated with our latest EcoSTAT® line of products.

Today's EcoSTAT® uses the most advanced polymer resins to formulate multi-layer films that yield the highest strength, yet lightest weight to minimize the amount of virgin polyethylene required. Our unequalled laboratory facilities and reprocessing partnerships allow for continual development of the increased use of recycled content as well as research and development aimed at utilizing non-oil derived polymers and the next generation of degradable plastics.

Please explore our website to learn more about today’s EcoSTAT® - Protection with unparalleled strength, responsibility and tamper detection.